Standard Tower Covers


Standard Covers are 8" wide and are available in heights from 12" to 24", use the last two digits of the size to determine the cover height. Covers are available as a single cover, or in packs of 10. For custom sizes please visit this page.

Computer covers from Dirt Bag use patented technology to protect your computer! Computer dust covers will not only serve as a PC filter but also as a protector of your hard work and investment. Computer dust covers will protect your computer from dust and harmful particulates that can increase overheating and result in costly maintenance.

Computer dust covers from Dirt Bag feature innovative computer dust filter design that completely encases your PC. The computer covers are formed so that an access door directly over the computer drive permits easy access to drives when needed. Our computer dust covers significantly reduce the amount of grime that builds up on your computer's costly and vital internal components.

Using a computer dust cover protects your investment because an overheated computer motherboard often results in information loss. Use the Dirt Bag computer dust cover to reduce the risk of losing valuable company and customer data. Computer dust cover installation is simple and by changing the dust filter every 6 to 12 months, you keep the dust out of your computer and keep your business running smoothly.