Printer Covers


The small size is for printers with width and depth less than 24", please use the large if your depth exceeds 24" You will need to provide width, height and depth when placing an order!

Printer covers from Dirt Bag are engineered to protect your printer from dust when in use. The new design features a clear vinyl flap that allows you to see and access printed documents. Dirt Bag specializes in patented technology PC filters that purify incoming air, preventing costly maintenance for computer systems. This technology has been used to create printer covers that offer your printers the same protection.

Prolong the life of your printer with a Dirt Bag dust filter. Keep your printers clean, cool and clear with our custom-fit dust covers. These unique covers work best on printers that discharge the printed paper on top. Slip covers allow your printers to breathe, while protecting from dirt and dust. Installed in less than one minute, this tailored dust cover comes with a money-back guarantee. Order now to protect your costly investments!