Monitor Covers


Small covers are for monitors with a width 22" or less, please use the large size for a width greater than 22".You will need to provide width, height and depth when placing an order!

Monitor covers are a new addition to the Dirt Bag patented "totally encasing computer dust filter" family. Dirt Bag monitor covers protect your monitor from dust and other harmful airborne particulates while allowing cooling airflow to reach components. Monitor covers reduce the risk of overheating and increase monitor life.

Monitor covers reduce the risk of destructive dirt, dust, grime and other particulates the filter through the air that can build up on your monitor. Dirt Bag monitor are designed to be an economical and effective solution to protect industrial PC's.

Monitor covers are especially critical in industries such as concrete and woodworking. Dirt Bag users will benefit by reducing the amount of airborne dust, dirt and grime that computer's internal component collects.