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Mark Halonen
Horner Flooring

Please send two more Dirt Bags ASAP. We are very impressed with the performance of our first Dirt Bag. After six months of use there was hardly a trace of dust in my computer. In the past I had to clean it every two months. Thanks for a superior product.


Dirt Bag computer dust covers protect your investment from dust, dirt, and grime

The PC Dirt Bag uses patented technology to protect your computer! The Dirt Bag is a totally encasing computer dust cover. It is designed to fit all standard desktop computers and is an effective solution for protecting industrial PC's from the ravages of airborne dust, dirt and grime.

Dirt Bag users benefit by drastically reducing the amount of grime in their computers. Installed in less than five minutes and lasting up to 9 months, the Dirt Bag computer filter purifies all incoming air, preventing costly maintenance by protecting the computer's power supply, motherboard, and disk drives.

Dirtbag Guarantee

We pride ourselves on producing PC and monitor filters of the highest quality and efficiency. If you are not satisfied, we refund your money. Guaranteed. » Learn More

Now Offering Print Cover

The printer cover works well on square and rectangular printers where the paper is discharged at the top. Call today for your printer cover at (800) 291-7191.

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